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PLA+ Filament
PLA+ Filament
PLA+ Filament
PLA+ Filament
PLA+ Filament
PLA+ Filament
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Affordable & Professional 3D Printing Service

Do you need your products printed fast, to a very high standard and still keep your costs down? You’ve come to the right place! With our new dedicated additive manufacturing 3D print farm, we can 3D print a few or a few hundred parts for you – fast!

3D printing is an innovative and powerful tool that can be used to improve your business strategy. Let us show you how we can make your product a reality. Take advantage of the expertise of our 3D printing professionals and receive your high-quality prints faster than you ever imagined! 

We’ve all had an idea we thought would make a great product. But what if it could be more than just an idea? What if you could turn that vision into reality and actually hold it in your hands? That’s where 3D printing comes in. With our professional services, we can help take your ideas from concept to creation. You won’t believe how easy it is!

Our team of experts will work with you every step of the way so that together, we can create something truly unique. Whether you have a design already or need one made for you, our talented designers are here to help! And because 3D printing technology has advanced so much over the years, there isn’t anything too big or small for us to handle. From jewellery and figurines to architectural models and even medical implants – whatever your needs may be – we’ll get them done right!

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3D PRINT IT is dedicated to providing the best & Affordable 3D printing service; with friendly staff and affordable prices, you’ll love working together. All we need from you is your digital file so that it can be printed to your specifications! Get in touch with us if you have any other questions. 

How much does your 3D printing service cost?

Upload your 3D file to get a free quote! Select the 3D printing material and finishing options you need, and let our Local 3D printing service team look after the rest. Your model will be printed in our 3D printing factory and delivered to your door. Welcome to the forefront of innovation. Get your 3D printed parts today.

3D Print It

Who We Are

3d printing services

At 3D Print It,  we have been providing a high-quality 3D printing service for years. We offer both prototypes and complex models, as well as our own industry-leading filament that’s used for all of your prints – making us one of Australia’s best options for 3d printing services!

Our filament is trialled and tested using 100’s of kilos to print models for our clients. We wanted to offer our high-quality 3D PLA filament to the public.